Grzegorz Bielec

Senior lecturer
Department of Swimming, Faculty of Physical Education
University School of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk

Fields of interest

teaching in physical education, biomechanics of swimming, educational aspects of lifesaving

Recent publications

Makar P., Bielec G.:
Correlations between physiological and kinematic variables in assessment of swimmers’ exertion.
JSSM, 11(4), 788 (2012)

Peczak-Graczyk A., Makar P., Bielec G.:
The influence of training loads applied in taper period on competitive performance of breaststroke swimming.
In: Science in swimming. K. Zaton, M. Rejman, A. Kwasna – Wroclaw (Eds): Wydaw. AWF, 94,  (2011).

Bielec G.
Junior high school pupils’ opinions on the content and conduct of swimming classes at school.
Baltic J Health and Physical Activity, 2(1), 49 (2010).

Bielec G., Makar P.:
Variability in swimmers’ individual kinematics parameters versus training loads.
Biology of Sport, 27(2), 143 (2010)