Gabriella Cipparrone

Associate Professor
Physics Department
University of Calabria

Fields of interest:

Linear and nonlinear optics of liquid crystals and organic photosensitive materials,
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in liquid crystals,
Soft matter photonics and photorefractivity,
Soft matter for optical storage,
Vectorial optical holography,
Optical trapping and manipulation.

Recent publications:

U. Ruiz, P. Pagliusi, C. Provenzano, G. Cipparrone,
Supramolecular Chiral structures: smart polymer organization guided by 2D polarization light patterns,
Advanced Functional Materials 22, 2964-2970 (2012).

U. Ruiz, C. Provenzano, P. Pagliusi, G. Cipparrone,
Pure two-dimensional polarization patterns for holographic recording,
Optics Letters 37(3), 311-313 (2012).

G. Cipparrone, A. Mazzulla, A. Pane, R. Hernandez, R. Bartolino,
Chiral Self-Assembled Solid Microspheres: A Novel Multifunctional Microphotonic Device,
Advanced Materials 23(48), 5773-5778 (2011).

G. Cipparrone, R.Hernandez, P.Pagliusi, C. Provenzano,
Magnus force effect in optical manipulation,
Physical Review A 84, 015802 (2011).

G. Cipparrone, I Ricardez Vargas, P. Pagliusi, C. Provenzano,
Polarization gradient: exploring an original route for optical trapping and manipulation,
Optics Express 18, 6008-6013 (2010).

G. Cipparrone, P. Pagliusi, C. Provenzano, V. P. Shibaev,
Polarization Holographic Recording in Amorphous Polymer with Photoinduced Linear and Circular Birefringence,
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114, 8900 (2010).

C. Provenzano, P. Pagliusi, A. Mazzulla, G. Cipparrone,
Method for artifact-free circular dichroism measurements based on polarization grating,
Optics Letters 35, 1822 (2010).

G. Cipparrone, P. Pagliusi, C. Provenzano, V. P. Shibaev,
Reversible photoinduced chiral structure in amorphous polymer for light polarization control,
Macromolecules 41, 5992 (2008).

P. Pagliusi, C. Provenzano and G. Cipparrone,
Surface-Induced Photorefractivity in Twistable Nematics: Toward the All-Optical Control of Gain,
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P. Pagliusi, C. Provenzano, , A. Mazzulla, L. Giorgini, G. Cipparrone,
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