Guy Cook

Professor of Language in Education
Department of Education & Professional Studies
King’s College London

Fields of interest:

Discourse analysis, English language teaching, literary stylistics

Recent publications (selected):

G. Cook, G. Hall,
Own-language ude in ELT: exploring global practices and attitudes,
Oxford: Oxford University Press 2013.

G. Cook,
ELF and translation and interpreting: common ground, common interest, common cause
Journal of English as a lingua franca, 1-2 (2012), pp. 271-308.

G. Cook, G. Hall,
Own language use in language teaching and learning
Language Teaching, 45 (3/2012), pp. 271-308.

G. Cook,
Translation in language teaching: an argument for reassessment,
Oxford: Oxford University Press 2010.

G. Cook, M. Reed, A. Twiner,
“But it’s all true!”: commercialism and commitment in the discourse of organic food promotion.
Text & Talk, 29 (2/ 2009), pp. 151-173.

G. Cook,
Hocus Pocus or God’s Truth: the dual identity of Michael Stubbs.
Langauge, People, Numbers: Corpus Linguistics and Society, (eds.) A. Gerbig, O. Mason, Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi, pp. 305-327.