Nikolai Genov

Prof. Em. of the Free University Berlin
Institute of Global and Regional Development
School of Advanced Studies in Nova Gorica

Fields of interest: 

Sociological theory; Global trends; Societal transformations; Ethnic relations; International migration


Recent publications:

2012: Global Trends and Regional Development. New York: Routledge (ed., in English)

2011: With Savvidis, T. (eds.) Transboundary Migration in the Post-Soviet Space. Three Comparative Case Studies. Frankfurt/M etc.: Peter Lang (in English)

2010: Global Trends in Eastern Europe. Farnham UK and Burlington USA: Ashgate, 230p. (in English)

2008: Interethnic Integration in Five European Societies. Hamburg: Krämer, 377 p. (in English, Ed.)

2007: Comparative Research in the Social Sciences. Paris and Sofia: ISSC and REGLO, 320 p. (in English, Ed.)

2007: Upgrading the Rationality of Organizations. Berlin: Institute of Eastern European Studies, 98 p. (in English)

2007: Patterns of Interethnic Integration. Berlin: Institute of Eastern European Studies, 104 p. (in English, Ed.)

2007: Soziologische Zeitgeschichte. Berlin: Sigma, 332 p. (in German and English, Co-ed.)

2006: Ethnicity and Mass Media in South Eastern Europe. Muenster: LIT, 199 p. (in English, Ed.)

2005: Entwicklung des soziologischen Wissens. Ergebnisse eines halben Jahrhunderts. Wiesbaden: Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 427 p. (in English, Ed.)