George Newlands

Professor Emeritus
Department of Divinity
University of Glasgow

Fields of interest:

systematic theology, Christology, emancipatory theology, history of christian thought, religion and human rights

Recent publications:

G. Newlands, A. Smith,
Hospitable God – The Transformative Dream,
Ashgate 2010

R. Amesbury, G. Newlands,
Faith and Human Rights,
Fortress 2008

G. Newlands,
Christ and Human Rights,
Ashgate 2006

G. Newlands,
Traces of Liberality,
Peter Lang 2006

G. Newlands,
The Transformative Imagination: Rethinking Intercultural Theology,
Ashgate, London, 2004

D. Jasper, G. Newlands,
Believing in the Text,
Peter Lang 2004

G. Newlands,
John and Donald Baillie – Transatlantic Theology,
Peter Lang, New York, 2002

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Fifty Key Christian Thinkers, Routledge,
London, 2002

S.J. Brown, G. Newlands (ed.),
Scottish Christianity in the Modern World, T & T Clark,
Edinburgh, 2001