David Gómez-Ortiz

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology and Geology
University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid
E-mail: david.gomez@urjc.es
Page: http://www.escet.urjc.es/~dgomez/

Fields of interest

  • Geodynamics
  • Tectonophysics

Recent publications

L. Barbero, A. Jabaloy, D. Gomez-Ortiz, J.V. Perez-Peña, M.J. Rodriguez-Peces, R. Tejero, J. Estupiñan, A. Azdimousa, M. Vázquez and I. Asebriy:
Evidence for surface uplift of the Atlas Mountains and the surrounding peripheral plateaux: Combining apatite fission track results and geomorphic indicators in the Western Moroccan Meseta (coastal Variscan Paleozoic basement),
Tectonophysics, (in press)

J. Ruiz, D. Gomez-Ortiz and R. Tejero:
Effective elastic thicknesses of the lithosphere in the Central Iberian Peninsula from heat flow: implications for the rheology of the continental lithospheric mantle,
Journal of Geodynamics, 41, 500-509 (2006).

R. Tejero, J.M. Gonzalez-Casado, D. Gomez-Ortiz, and F. Sanchez-Serrano:
Insights into the "tectonic topography" of the present-day landscape of the Central Iberian Peninsula (Spain),
Geomorphology, 76, 280-294 (2006).

D. Gomez-Ortiz, R. Tejero, R. Babin-Vich and A. Rivas-Ponce:
Crustal density structure in the Spanish Central System derived from gravity data analysis (Central Spain),
Tectonophysics, 403, 131-149 (2005).

D. Gomez-Ortiz, R. Tejero, J. Ruiz, R. Babin-Vich and J.M. Gonzalez-Casado:
Estimating the effective elastic thickness of the lithosphere of the Iberian peninsula based on multitaper spectral analysis,
Geophysical Journal International, 160, 729-735 (2005).

D. Gomez-Ortiz and B N P. Agarwal:
3DINVER.M: a MATLAB program to invert the gravity anomaly over a 3D horizontal density interface by Parker–Oldenburg’s algorithm,
Computers & Geosciences, 31, 513-520 (2005).