Guillermo Martínez Pastur

Senior Researcher
Forest Resources Laboratory – CADIC

Fields of interest:

Ecosystem management and conservation; forest ecology;aAgroforestry.

Recent publications:

Martínez Pastur G., Soler Esteban R., Pulido F., Lencinas M.V.:
Variable retention harvesting influences biotic and abiotic drivers along the reproductive cycle in southern Patagonian forests.
Forest Ecology and Management 2013, 289: 106-114.

Martínez Pastur G., Andrieu E., Iverson L.R., Peri P.L.:
Agroforestry landscapes and global change: Landscape ecology tools for management and conservation.
Agroforestry Systems 2012, 85: 315-318.

Lindenmayer D. B., Franklin J. F., Lõhmus A.,Baker S., Bauhus J., Beese W., Brodie A., Kiehl B., Kouki J., Martinez Pastur G., Messier C., Neyland M., Pallik B., Sverdrup-Thygeson A., Volney J., Wayne A., Gustafsson L.:
A major shift to the retention approach for forestry can help resolve some global forest sustainability issues.
Conservation Letters 2012, 5: 421-431.

Martínez Pastur G., Cellini J. M., Lencinas M. V., Barrera M., Peri P. L.:
Environmental variables influencing regeneration of Nothofagus pumilio in a system with combined aggregated and dispersed retention.
Forest Ecology and Management 2011, 261: 178-186.

Luque S., Martínez Pastur G., Echeverría C., Pacha M. J.:
Overview of biodiversity loss in South America: A landscape perspective for sustainable forest management and conservation in temperate forests.
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Martínez Pastur G., Lencinas M. V., Cellini J. M., Peri P., Soler Esteban R.:
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Forest Ecology and Management 2009, 258: 436-443.