Bernhard Grasemann

Department of Geodynamics and Sedimentology
University of Vienna

Fields of interest:

  • Analytical and numerical modeling of deformation of rocks
  • Low- and high-angle normal faulting (Greece)
  • Interaction between deformation and chemical reactions
  • Evolution of fold-and-thrust belts (Zagros)
  • Exhumation of rocks in collision orogens (Alps, Himalayas)

Recent publications:

C. Tschegg, B. Grasemann:
Deformation and alteration of a granodiorite during low-angle normal
faulting (Serifos, Greece),
Lithosphere, Vol. 1(3), (2009), pp. 139-154

C. Iglseder, B. Grasemann, K. Petrakakis, C. Miller, U. Klötzli, M. Thöni,
A. Zamolyi, C. Rambousek:

Tertiary I and S-type Plutonism on Serifos (W-Cyclades, Greece),
Tectonophysics, Vol. 473(1-2), (2009), pp. 69-83

M. Edwards, B. Grasemann:
Mediterranean snapshots of accelerated slab retreat; subduction instability in
stalled continental collision.-
in van Hinsbergen D., Edwards M., Govers R. (eds.): Collision and collapse at
the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia subduction zone. Geological Society, London,
Special Publications, Vol. 311, (2009), pp. 155-192

B. Grasemann, U. Exner, A. O'connor, G. Wiemayr:
Offset of markers along slip surfaces in ductile shear zones.
In: (Ed.) Declan De Paor, Making Sense of Shear (In honour of Carol Simpson),
Journal of the Virtual Explorer, Electronic Edition, ISSN 1441-8142, Vol.
30, paper 8, (2008)

E. Draganits, J. Schlaf, B. Grasemann, T. Argles:
Giant submarine landslide grooves in the Neoproterozoic/Lower Cambrian Phe
Formation, northwest Himalaya: Mechanisms of formation and palaeogeographic
Sedimentary Geology, 205/3-4, (2008), pp. 121-141

M. Ebner, B. Grasemann:
Divergent and convergent non-isochoric deformation.
Journal of Structural Geology, Vol. 28, (2006), pp. 1725-1733 – Top 25
Hottest Articles

M. Bestmann, D. J. Prior, B. Grasemann:
Characterisation of deformation and flow mechanics around porphyroclasts in a
calcite marble ultramylonite by means of EBSD analysis.
Tectonophysics, Vol. 413(3-4), (2006), pp. 185-200

M. Hoelzel, B. Grasemann, M. Wagreich:
Numerical modelling of clast rotation during soft-sediment deformation: a
case study in Miocene delta deposits.
International Journal of Earth Sciences, (2006), DOI

C. Passchier, N. S. Mancktelow, B. Grasemann:
Flow Perturbations; a tool to study inhomogeneous deformation.
Journal of Structural Geology, Vol. 27/6, (2005), pp. 1011-1026 – TOP 25
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B. Grasemann, S. Martel, C. Passchier:
Reverse and normal drag along a single fault.
Journal of Structural Geology, Vol. 27/6, (2005)pp. , 999-1010 – TOP 25
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