Duncan H Gregory

WestCHEM Chair in Inorganic Materials and Head of Inorganic Chemistry
School of Chemistry
University of Glasgow
E-mail: Duncan.Gregory@glasgow.ac.uk
Page: http://www.chem.gla.ac.uk/staff/duncang/

Fields of interest: 

Inorganic materials

Solid state chemistry

Energy materials

Inorganic nanomaterials

Functional materials


Recent publications:

Y. Zhao, R. W. Hughes, Z. Su, W. Zhou, D. H. Gregory:
One-step synthesis to 2D structures of bismuth telluride; Nanosheets of a Few Quintuple Layers in Thickness.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Vol. 50, (2011), pp. 10397-10401.

A. S. Bailey, R. W. Hughes, P. Hubberstey, C. Ritter, R. I. Smith, D. H. Gregory:
New Ternary and Quaternary Barium Nitride Halides; Synthesis and Crystal Chemistry.
Inorg. Chem., Vol. 50, (2011), pp. 9545-9553.

L. Carassiti, A. Jones,P. Harrison, P. S. Dobson, S. Kingman, I. MacLaren, D. H. Gregory:
Ultra-rapid, Sustainable and Selective Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Powders and Nanomaterials via Microwave Heating.
Energy Env. Sci., Vol. 4, (2011),pp. 1503 – 1510.

J. M. Cameron, R. W. Hughes, Y. Zhao, D. H. Gregory:
Ternary and Higher Pnictides; Prospects for New Materials and Applications 
Chem. Soc. Rev., Vol. 40, (2011), pp. 4099-4118.

S. M Hunter, D. Mckay, R. I. Smith, J. S. J. Hargreaves, D. H. Gregory:
Topotactic Nitrogen Transfer; Structural Transformation in Cobalt Molybdenum Nitrides.
Chem. Mater., Vol. 22, (2010), pp. 2898-2907.

A. S. Bailey, P. Hubberstey, R. W. Hughes, C. Ritter, D. H. Gregory:
Tunable Defect Structure in the Li-Mg-N Ternary Phase System; a Powder Neutron Diffraction Study.
Chem. Mater., Vol. 22, (2010), pp. 3174-3182.

C. W. Dunnill, I. MacLaren, D. H. Gregory:
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T. K. Mandal, D. H. Gregory:
Hydrogen: Future Energy Vector for Sustainable Development.
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W. Shi, R. W. Hughes, S. J. Denholme, D. H. Gregory:
Synthesis Design Strategies to Nanostructured Chalcogenides
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