Greet Schoeters

Program manager Environmental Risks and Health
VITO, University of Antwerp, University of Southern Denmark

Fields of interest:

Environmental toxicology, effect biomarkers, exposure biomarkers, molecular epidemiology, in vitro toxicology,

Recent publications:

De Boever P, Wens B, Boix J, Felipo V, Schoeters G:
Perinatal Exposure to Purity-Controlled Polychlorinated Biphenyl 52, 138, or 180 Alters Toxicogenomic Profiles in Peripheral Blood of Rats after 4 Months,
Chem Res Toxicol, (2013), DOI: 10.1021/tx300510v.

Den Hond E, Paulussen M, Geens T, Bruckers L, Baeyens W, David F, Dumont E,Loots I, Morrens B, de Bellevaux BN, Nelen V, Schoeters G, Van Larebeke N, Covaci A:
Biomarkers of human exposure to personal care products: Results from the Flemish Environment and Health Study (FLEHS 2007-2011),
Sci Total Environ, Vol. 463-464C, (2013), pp. 102-110.

Schoeters G, Hond ED, Colles A, Loots I, Morrens B, Keune H, Bruckers L,Nawrot T, Sioen I, De Coster S, Van Larebeke N, Nelen V, Van de Mieroop E,Vrijens J, Croes K, Goeyens K, Baeyens W:
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Int J Hyg Environ Health, Vol. 215(2), (2012), pp. 102-8.

Bloemen K, Van Den Heuvel R, Govarts E, Hooyberghs J, Nelen V, Witters E, Desager K, Schoeters G:
A new approach to study exhaled proteins as potential biomarkers for asthma,
Clin Exp Allergy, Vol. 41(3), (2011), pp. 346-56.

Bloemen, K., Koppen, G., Govarts, E., Colles, A., Van Den Heuvel, R., Nelen, V., Witters, E., Desager, K., Schoeters, G:
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