Christopher G. Guglielmo

Associate Professor
Biology, Advanced Facility for Avian Research
Western University

Fields of interest: 

Migration Physiology, Flight, Energetics and Metabolism


Recent publications:

Gerson, A.R. and C.G. Guglielmo. 2011:
Endurance flight at low ambient humidity increases protein catabolism in migratory birds.
Science 333:1434-1436.

McGuire, L.P., C.G. Guglielmo, S.A. Mackenzie and P.D. Taylor. 2011:
Migration stopover in the North American long-distance migrant silver-haired bat, Lasionycteris noctivagans.
Journal of Animal Ecology doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2656.2011.01912.

Cerasale, D.J., D.M. Zajac and C.G. Guglielmo. 2011:
Behavioural and physiological effects of photoperiod-induced migratory state and leptin on a migratory bird, Zonotrichia albicollis: I. Anorectic effects of leptin administration.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 174:276-286.

Zajac, D.M., D.J. Cerasale, S. Landman* and C.G. Guglielmo. 2011: 
Behavioural and physiological effects of photoperiod-induced migratory state and leptin on Zonotrichia albicollis: II. Effects on fatty acid metabolism.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 174: 269-275.

Price, E.R., U. Bauchinger, D.M. Zajac, D.J. Cerasale, J.T. McFarlan, A.R. Gerson, S.R. McWilliams, and C.G. Guglielmo. 2011:
 Migration- and exercise-induced changes to flight muscle size in migratory birds and association with IGF-1 and myostatin mRNA expression.
Journal of Experimental Biology 214, 2823-2831.

Guglielmo, C.G., L.P. McGuire, A.R. Gerson, and C.L. Seewagen. 2011:
Simple, rapid, and non-invasive measurement of fat, lean, and total water masses of live birds using quantitative magnetic resonance.
Journal of Ornithology 152:75-85.

Seewagen, C.L., C.D. Sheppard, E.J. Slayton and C.G. Guglielmo. 2011:
Plasma metabolites and mass changes of migratory landbirds indicate adequate stopover conditions are available in a heavily urbanized landscape, the New York metropolitan area.
Condor 113:284-297.

Boyle, W.A., C.G. Guglielmo, K.A. Hobson and D.R. Norris. 2011: 
Lekking birds in a tropical forest forego sex for migration.
Biology Letters 7:661-663.

Guglielmo, C.G. 2010: 
Move that fatty acid: fuel selection and transport in migratory birds and bats.
Integrative and Comparative Biology 50:336-345.

Thomas, R.H., E.R. Price, C.L. Seewagen, S.A. MacKenzie, M.A. Bernards and C.G. Guglielmo. 2010: 
The effects of migratory state, diet, and captivity on preen wax composition of White-throated Sparrows Zonotrichia albicollis.
Ibis 152:782-792.