Ghil’ad Zuckermann

Professor of Linguistics and Endangered Languages
School of Humanities
The University of Adelaide

Fields of interest:

Revival linguistics, sociolinguistics, contact linguistics, study of language, culture and identity, historical linguistics

Recent publications:

G. Zuckermann (ed.),
Jewish Language Contact
(Special Issue of the International Journal of the Sociology of Language 226, 2014.

G. Zuckermann, G. Holzman,
Towards a Revolution in the Teaching of the Hebrew Bible
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(The Right of the Native Tongue: Compensation for the Loss of Aboriginal Languages)
Journal of Peking University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) (Beijing Daxue Xuebao), 2014.

G. Zuckermann, G. Holzman,
‘Ram venisa: Tanakh Ram vehitkabluto bakhevra haisraelit’ (The RAM Translation of the Hebrew Bible into Israeli: A Sociolinguistic Analysis), Kivumin Khadashim (New Directions),
Ktav Et Leinyaney Tsionut, Medinyut, Khevra veTarbut 31., 2014.

G. Zuckermann, J. Xu,
复兴语言学:一个新的语言学分支 (Fu Xing Yu Yan Xue: Yi Men Xin De Yu Yan Xue Fen Zhi) ‘Towards a New Branch of Linguistics: Revival Linguistics’,
Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies (语言教学与研究) 4: 100-106, 2013.

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Phono-Semantic Matching
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G. Zuckermann (ed.),
Burning Issues in Afro-Asiatic Linguistics,
Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars 2012.

T. N. Nguyen, G. Zuckermann,
‘Stupid as a Coin’: Meaning and Rhyming Similes in Vietnamese
International Journal of Language Studies 6.4, 2012.

G. Zuckermann, C. Yao, J. Xu,
‘Universal Constraints and Mechanisms in the Reclamation and Empowerment of Endangered Languages and Dialects’ (一门新的语言学分支:复兴语言学——兼谈濒危语言和濒危方言复兴的普遍制约条件和机制).
World Ethno-National Studies (世界民族) 6: 66-73, 2012.

G. Zuckermann, M. Walsh,
Stop, Revive, Survive!: Lessons from the Hebrew Revival Applicable to the Reclamation, Maintenance and Empowerment of Aboriginal Languages and Cultures,
Australian Journal of Linguistics 31.1 (2011), pp. 111-127.
published as Chapter 28 of Making Sense of Language Readings in Culture and Communication (2012), Second Edition, edited by Susan D.Blum.