William Happer

Department of Physics
Princeton University
E-mail: happer@princeton.edu

Fields of interest: 

Atomic, Molecular and optical physics, Climate physics, Nuclear physics


Recent publications:

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Intrinsic Impurities in Glass Alkali-Vapor Cells,
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Push-pull Laser-Atomic Oscillator,
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Nonlinear Pressure Shifts of Alkali-Metal Atoms in Inert Gases,
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J. Ma, A. Kishinevski, Y.-Y. Jau, C. Reuter and W. Happer:
Modification of glass cell walls by rubidium vapor,
Phys. Rev. A, 79, (2009), 042905

B. H. McGuye, Y.-Y. Jau and W. Happer:
Simple Method of Light-Shift Suppression in Optical Pumping Systems,
Applied Physics Letters 94, (2009), 251l10.

W. Happer, T. G. Walker and Y.-Y. Jau:
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S. W. Morgan and W. Happer:
Optically Pumped Atoms with Velocity- and Spin-Changing Collisions at Low Gas Pressure,
Phys. Rev. A, 81, (2010), 042703.

N. Kostinski, B. Olsen, B. Marsland B. McGuyer and W. Happer,
Temperature-insensitive laser frequency locking near absorption lines,
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