Simon Leigh Harley

Earth Science, School of Geosciences
University of Edinburgh

Fields of interest:

  • Metamorphic Petrology and Geology (granulites, UHT, HP and
  • Antarctic Geoscience
  • Zircon / accessory mineral geochronology and behaviour
  • Archaean and Proterozoic Earth evolution
  • Bohemian Massif and other UHT/UHP areas in Europe
  • Experimental Petrology

Recent publications :

S.L. Harley, P. Thompson, B.J. Hensen, I.S. Buick: 
Cordierite as a sensor of fluid conditions in high-grade metamorphism and crustal anatexis. 
J. Metamorphic Geology 20, (2002), pp. 71-86

J. Hollis, S.L. Harley: 
Alumina solubility in orthopyroxene coexisting with sapphirine and quartz. 
Contrib Mineral Petrology, Vol. 144, (2003), pp. 473-483

N.M. Kelly, S.L. Harley: 
An integrated microtextural and chemical approach to zircon geochronology: refining the Archaean history of the Napier Complex, east Antarctica. 
Contrib Mineral Petrol, Vol. 149, (2005), pp. 57-84

N.M. Kelly, G.L. Clarke, S.L. Harley: 
Monazite behaviour and age significance in poly-metamorphic high-grade terrains: A case study from the western Musgrave Block, central Australia. 
Lithos, Vol. 88, (2006), pp. 100-134

J. Hollis, S.L. Harley, R.W. White:
Preservation of evidence for prograde metamorphism in ultra-high temperature, high pressure kyanite-bearing granulites, 
South Harris, Scotland. J Metamorphic Geology, Vol. 24, (2006), pp. 263-279

M.D. Lund, S. Piazolo, S.L. Harley: 
Ultrahigh temperature deformation microstructures in felsic granulites of the Napier
Complex, Antarctica. 
Tectonophysics, Vol. 427, (2006), pp. 133-151

S.L. Harley, N.M. Kelly: 
The impact of zircon-garnet REE distribution data on the interpretation of zircon U-Pb ages in complex high-grade terrains: An example from the Rauer Islands, East Antarctica. 
Chemical Geology, Vol. 41, (2007), pp. 62-87 

S.L. Harley, N.M. Kelly, A. Möller: 
Zircon behaviour and the thermal history of mountain chains. 
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S.L. Harley, N.M. Kelly: 
Ancient Antarctica: the Archaean of Antarctica. Chapter 3.2 
In van Kranendonk, M.J., Smithies, R.H. & Bennet, V.C. (eds.) 
Developments in Precambrian Geology, Vol. 15: Earth’s Oldest Rocks, (2007) 

S.L. Harley: 
Refining the P-T records of UHT crustal metamorphism. 
J Metamorphic Geology Vol. 26, (2008), pp. 125-154