István Gábor Hatvani

Research fellow
Institute for Geological and Geochemical Research, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Fields of Interest:

Environmental sciences, in more detail multivariate data and time series analysis on fresh water lake- and river ecosystems, and climate modelling using mostly stable isotope data.

Recent publications:

Kovács József, Hatvani István Gábor, Korponai János, Székely Kovács Ilona
Morlet wavelet and autocorrelation analysis of long-term data series of the Kis-Balaton water protection system (KBWPS)
ECOL ENG 36: (10)1469-1477 (2010)

Hatvani István Gábor, Kovács József, Székely Kovács Ilona, Jakusch Pál, Korponai János
Analysis of long-term water quality changes in the Kis-Balaton Water Protection System with time series-, cluster analysis and Wilks’ lambda distribution
ECOL ENG 37: (4)629-635 (2011)

Kovács J, Korponai J, Kovácsné Székely I, Hatvani I G
Introducing sampling frequency estimation using variograms in water research with the example of nutrient loads in the Kis-Balaton Water Protection System (W Hungary)
ECOL ENG 42: 237-243 (2012)

József Kovács, Mária Nagy, Brigitta Czauner, Ilona Székely Kovács, Andrea K Borsodi, István Gábor Hatvani
Delimiting sub-areas in water bodies using multivariate data analysis on the example of Lake Balaton (W Hungary)

Norbert Magyar, István Gábor Hatvani, Ilona Kovácsné Székely, Alois Herzig, Mária Dinka, József Kovács
Application of multivariate statistical methods in determining spatial changes in water quality in the Austrian part of Neusiedler See
ECOL ENG 55: 82-92 (2013)

Hatvani, I.G., Magyar, N., Zessner, M., Kovács, J., Blaschke, A.P., 2014.
The Water Framework Directive: Can more information be extracted from groundwater data? A case study of Seewinkel, Burgenland, eastern Austria. Hydrogeology Journal, DOI: (available on-line)

Hatvani, I.G., Clement, A., Kovács, J., Kovácsné, Sz.I., Korponai, J., 2014.
Assessing water-quality data: the relationship between the water quality amelioration of Lake Balaton and the construction of its mitigation wetland.
Journal of Great Lakes Research 40: 115-125

Kovács, J., Kovács, S., Magyar, N., Tanos, P., Hatvani, I.G., Anda, A., 2014.
Classification into homogeneous groups using combined cluster and discriminant analysis (CCDA).
Environmental Modelling and Software, DOI: http://10.1016/j.envsoft.2014.01.010 (available on-line)

József Kovács; Péter Tanos; János Korponai; Ilona Kovácsné Székely; Károly Gondár; Katalin Gondár-Sőregi; István Gábor Hatvani
Analysis of Water Quality Data for Scientists In: Kostas Voudouris; Dimitra Voutsa (eds.)
Water Quality and Water Pollution: Evaluation of Water Quality Data. Rijeka: InTech Open Access Publisher, 2012. pp. 65-94