Graeme Hays

Swansea University

Fields of interest: 

Satellite tracking, sea turtles, plankton, movement in flows


Recent publications:

Hays GC, Bastian T, Doyle TK, Fossette S, Gleiss AC, Gravenor MB, Hobson VJ, Humphries NE, Lilley MKS, Pade NG, Sims DW:
High activity and Lévy searches: jellyfish can search the water column like fish.
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B. (2011). 279, 465–473

Chapman JW, Klaassen RHG, Drake VA, Fossette S, Hays GC, Metcalfe JD, Reynolds AM, Reynolds DR, Alerstam T:
Animal orientation strategies for movement in flows.
Current Biology(2011) 21, R861–R870

Gleiss AC, Jorgensen SJ, Liebsch N, Sala JE, Norman B, Hays GC, Quintana F, Grundy E, Campagna C, Trites AW, Block BA, Wilson RP:
Convergent evolution in locomotory patterns of flying and swimming animals.
Nature Communications(2011). 2:352

Scott R, Marsh R, Hays GC:
A little movement orientated to the geomagnetic field makes a big difference in strong flows.
Marine Biology (2011)

Hays GC, Fossette S, Katselidis KA, Mariani P, Schofield G:
Ontogenetic development of migration: Lagrangian drift trajectories suggest a new paradigm for sea turtles.
Journal of Royal Society Interface (2010) 7, 1319-1327