Katrin Heindel

Postdoctoral Research Associate (Marie Curie Fellow)
Department for Geodynamics and Sedimentology
University of Vienna, Austria
E-mail: katrin.heindel@univie.ac.at
Page: http://geologie.univie.ac.at/sedimentology-stratigraphy/academic-staff/katrin-heindel/

Fields of Interest:


Carbonate sedimentology

Mineral authigenesis

Lipid biomarkers

Stable isotopes


Early Triassic microbialites



Recent publication:

Heindel, K., Birgel, D., Brunner, B., Thiel, V., Westphal, H., Gischler, E., Ziegenbalg, S.B., Cabioch, G., Sjövall, P. and Peckmann, J. (2012):
Post-glacial microbialite formation in coral reefs in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Ocean.
Chemical Geology, 304-305, 117-130.

Thomas, A.L., Fujita, K., Iryu, Y., Bard, E., Cabioch, G., Camoin, G., Cole J.E., Deschamps, P., Durand, N., Hamelin, B., Heindel, K., Henderson, G.M., Mason, A.J., Matsuda, H., Ménabréaz, L., Omori, A., Quinn, T., Sakai, S., Sato, T. Sugihara K., Takahashi, Y., Thouveny, N., Tudhope, A.W., Webster, J., Westphal, H., Yokoyama, Y. (2012):
Assessing uplift rates and paleo water-depths for Tahiti reefs using U-Th chronology of altered corals.
Marine Geology, 295-298, 86–94.

Heindel, K., Titschack, J., Dorschel, B., Huvenne, V.A.I & Freiwald, A. (2010):
Sediment composition and facies prediction mapping of a cold-water coral mound (Propeller Mound, Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic). Continental Shelf Research, 30, 1814-1829.


Heindel, K., Birgel, D., Peckmann, J., Kuhnert, H., & Westphal, H. (2010):
Formation of deglacial microbialites in coral reefs off Tahiti (IODP 310) involving sulfate-reducing bacteria.
Palaios, 25, 618-635.

Westphal, H., Heindel, K., Brandano, M. & Peckmann, J. (2010):
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Facies, 56, 337-352.

Heindel, K., Birgel, D., Peckmann, J., Kuhnert, H. & Westphal, H. (2009):
Sulfate-reducing bacteria as major players in the formation of reef-microbialites during the last sea-level rise (Tahiti, IODP 310).
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73 (13), Goldschmidt Conference, A514-A514.

Heindel, K., Westphal, H. & Wisshak, M. (2009):
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Lethaia, 42, 322-340.