Klaus Helbig

Earth Science/ Geophysics/Exploration Geophysics
Most recent 1977 Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Emeritus since 1992
E-mail: helbig.klaus@t-online.de

Fields of interest:

  • Exploration Geophysics
  • Elastic Anisotropy


Recent publications:

K. Helbig and L. Thomsen:

75-plus years of anisotropy in exploration and reservoir seismics: A historical survey of concepts and methods,

, Vol. 70, 6, (2005), 9ND–23ND.

J.M. Carcione, K. Helbig and H.B. Helle:

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Int. J. Rock Mech. Min
., Vol. 40, (2003), 389–403.

K. Helbig:

Surfaces of equal potential and the physics behind the torsion balance and gradiometers

The Leading Edge of Geophysics, (2001), 840–847.

K. Helbig and P. Rasolofosaon:

A theoretical paradigm for describing hysteresis and nonlinear elasticity in arbitrary anisotropic rocks,

In: L. Ikelle and A. Gangi (eds.):

Anisotropy 2000: Fractures, Converted Waves, and Case Studies,

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J. Carcione and K. Helbig:
Wave polarization in transversely isotropic and orthorhombic media,
In: J. Hood (ed.):
Advances in Anisotropy: Selected Theory, Modeling, and Case Studies,
SEG Open File Publication, Vol. 5, (2000), 289–322.

K. Helbig:

Coordinate-free description of non-linearity in anisotropic media,

In: W. Lauterborn and T. Kurz (eds.):

Nonlinear Acoustics at the Turn of the Millennium: ISNA 15

American Institute of Physics, Conference Proceedings CP524, (2000), 257-260.

K. Helbig:

Layer-induced elastic anisotropy – Part 2: Inversion of compound parameters to constituent parameters,

Revista Brasileira de Geofísica
, Vol. 18, (2000), 173–186.

K. Helbig:

Layer-induced elastic anisotropy – Part 1: Forward relations between constituent parameters and compound medium parameters,
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica
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M. van der Veen, J. Brouwer and K. Helbig:

Weighted sum method for calculating ground force: an evaluation by using a portable vibrator system,

Geophysical Prospecting
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J.M. Carcione, Fa. Cavallini and K. Helbig:

Anisotropic attenuation and material symmetry,

ACUSTICA acta acustica
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K. Helbig:

A formalism for the consistent description of non-linear elasticity of anisotropic media,

Revue de l’ Institut Français du Pétrole
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