Daniel S. Helman

Graduate Student
Geological Sciences
California State University Long Beach
E-mail: danielhelmanteaching@yahoo.com

Fields of Interest:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Earth Science – Mineralogy – Geophysics
  • Teaching & Pedagogy
  • Mental Health

Recent Publications:

Helman, D.S., 2014.
Earth electricity: A review of mechanisms which cause telluric currents in the lithosphere,
Annals of Geophysics, 56, G0564.

Helman, D.S., 2014.
Schizophrenia Is normal: My journey through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery,
Schizophrenia Bulletin, sbu131.

Helman, D.S., 2013.
Metamorphic contributions to electrical phenomena in the Earth’s crust,
California State University Long Beach, master’s thesis.

Helman, D.S., 2013.
Review: Dry River: Stories of Life, Death, and Redemption on the Santa Cruz,
Electronic Green Journal, 1, 20295.

Helman, D.S., 2013.
Review: Food and the Mid-Level Farm: Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle,
Electronic Green Journal, 1, 15892.

Helman, D.S., 2012.
Public geology at Griffith Park in Los Angeles: A sample teachers’ guide,
Electronic Green Journal, 1, 10917.

Helman, D., 2011.
The levity of dark energy,
Physics Today, 64, 10.

Helman, D.S., 2011.
Catching lightning for alternative energy,
Renewable Energy, 36, 1311-1314.