Hernâni Gerós

Associate Professor with Habilitation
Departamento de Biologia
Universidade do Minho
E-mail: geros@bio.uminho.pt
Page: http://www.bio.uminho.pt/

Fields of interest:

Plant physiology; plant‐environment interaction; source-sink relation; fruit development; grapevine

Recent publications:

Conde A, Regalado A, Rodrigues D, Costa JM, Blumwald E, Chaves MM, Gerós H (2015) Polyols in grape berry: transport and metabolic adjustments as a physiological strategy for water-deficit stress tolerance in grapevine. J Exp Bot 66 (3): 889-906

Martins V, Teixeira A, Bassil E, Hanana M, Blumwald E and Gerós H (2014) Copper-based fungicide Bordeaux mixture regulates the expression of Vitis vinifera copper transporters. Aust J Grape Wine R 20 (3): 451–458

Martins V, Bassil E, Hanana M, Blumwald E, Gerós H (2014) Copper homeostasis in grapevine: functional characterization of the Vitis vinifera copper transporter 1. Planta 240 (1): 91-101

Martins V, Teixeira A, Bassil E, Blumwald E, Gerós H (2014) Metabolic changes of Vitis vinifera berries and leaves exposed to Bordeaux mixture. Plant Physiol Biochem 82: 270-278

Teixeira A, Martins V, Noronha H, Eiras-Dias J, Gerós H (2014) The first insight into the metabolite profiling of grapes from three Vitis vinifera L. cultivars of two controlled appellation (DOC) regions. Int J Mol Sci 15 (3): 4237-54

Noronha H, Agasse A, Martins AP, Berny M, Gomes D, Thiebaud P, Delrot S, Soveral G, Chaumont F, Gerós H (2014) The grape aquaporin VvSIP1 transports water 1 across the ER membrane. J Exp Bot 65 (4): 981-993

Teixeira A, Eiras-Dias J, Castellarin SD, Gerós H (2013) Berry Phenolics of Grapevine under Challenging Environments. Int J Mol Sci 14 (9): 18711-18739

Carqueijeiro I, Noronha H, Duarte P, Gerós H, Sottomayor M (2013) Vacuolar transport of the medicinal alkaloids from Catharanthus roseus is mediated by a proton driven antiport. Plant Physiol 162(3): 1486-1496

Rodrigues J, Silva R, Noronha H, Pedras A, Gerós H, Côrte-Real M (2013) Flow cytometry as a novel tool for structural and functional characterization of isolated yeast vacuoles. Microbiology UK 159: 848-56

Breia R, Vieira S, Marques da Silva J, Gerós H, Cunha A (2013) Mapping Grape Berry Photosynthesis by Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging: the Effect of Saturating Pulse Intensity in Different Tissues. Photochem Photobiol 89: 579-85