Hasse Hämäläinen

Doctoral Fellow in Philosophy
School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences
The University of Edinburgh
E-mail: Hasse.Hamalainen@degruyteropen.com
Page: http://www.ppls.ed.ac.uk/people/hasse-hamalainen

Fields of interest

Ancient philosophy (esp. Aristotle’s ethics), virtue theory, moral epistemology and moral psychology (esp. developmental theories)

Recent publications

H. Hämäläinen:
Dewey uudistaa. (Dewey Reconstructs).
Niin & Näin: A Finnish Journal for Philosophy, Culture and Politics 18 (3), 2012.

H. Hämäläinen:
Conservative Virtue.
Skepsis 22 (2), 400-416, 2012.

H. Hämäläinen:
Elitism and The Ethics of Virtue.
Diacrítica 25 (2), 79-94, 2011.

H. Hämäläinen:
(Review:) T. H. Irwin’s “The Development of Ethics’ Ch. 8 and 9.”
The Philosophical Forum 42(3), 276-277, 2011.