Prof. Heather Hofmeister, Ph.D.

Professor & Director
Department of Sociology
Goethe University, Frankfurt

Fields of interest:

Life Course, Work, Family, Gender, Social Inequality, International Comparisons

Recent publications:

H. Hofmeister:
The King, Cinderella, and 168 Hours: Work and free Space in Historical and Life Course Perspective. S. Jeschke, F. Hees, A. Richert & S. Trantow (Eds.) Prethinking Work.
Insights on the Future of Work. Berlin/ Zürich: Lit Verlag, 11 (2012)

H. Hofmeister, J. Hahmann:
She gets less: Gender differences in resource allocation to new professors at RWTH Aachen University. C. Leicht-Scholten, E. Breuer, N. Tulodetzki & A. Wolffram (Eds)

Going Diverse: Innovative Answers to Future Challenges. Gender and Diversity Perspectives in Science, Technology and Business. Opladen & Farmington Hills: Budrich UniPress Ltd, 123 (2011)

H. Hofmeister, N. Schneider:
Job Mobilities in Europe: Core Findings, Policy Implications and Future Outlook in Mobile Living across Europe. N. Schneider & B. Collet (Eds.)

Causes and Consequences of Job-Related Spatial Mobility in Cross-National Perspective, Volume II. Opladen & Farmington Hills: Barbara Budrich Verlag (2010)

H. Hofmeister, A. Hünefeld, C. Proch:
The role of job-related spatial mobility in constructing gender relations in society and in intimate relationships in Germany and Poland.
Zeitschrift für Familienforschung, vol. 22 (3), 308 (2010)

H. Hofmeister:
Life Course. Immerfall & G. Therborn (Eds.)
Handbook on European Societies. New York: Springer, 385 (2010)

G. Viry, H. Hofmeister, E. Widmer:
Early Life Course Relocation: Effects on Motility, Mobility, and Social Integration. N. Schneider & B. Collet (Eds.)
Mobile Living across Europe, Volume II: Causes and Consequences of Job-Related Spatial mobility in Cross-National Perspective. MI: Barbara Budrich Verlag, 153 (2010)

H. Hofmeister:
The integration of gender research, women’s studies, and men’s studies in family research. A comparison of English and German sources. O. Kapella, C. Rille-Pfeiffer, M. Rupp & N. F. Schneider (Eds.)
Family Diversity: Collection of the 3rd European Congress of Family Science. Opladen & Farmington Hills: Barbara Budrich Publishers, 183 (2010)

N. Baur, H. Hofmeister:
Some like them Hot: How Germans construct male attractiveness.
Journal of Men’s Studies Special Issue, Men’s Studies, 16 (3), 280 (2008)

H.-P. Blossfeld, H. Hofmeister:
Globalization, Uncertainty, and Women’s Careers: An international comparison.
Cheltenham, UK und Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar (2006)

D. Grunow, H. Hofmeister, S. Buchholz:
Late 20th century persistence and decline of the female homemaker in Germany and the United States.
International Sociology 21 (1), 101 (2006)