Hans J Ladegaard

Department of English
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
E-mail: hans.ladegaard@polyu.edu.hk
Page: http://https://www.polyu.edu.hk/engl/people/academic-staff?staffid=138

Fields of interest:

Intercultural and intergroup communication; Language attitudes and stereotypes; Language and Gender; Discourse Analysis; Pragmatics; Attitudes and motivation in foreign language learning

Recent publications:

H. J. Ladegaard
Crying as communication in domestic helper narratives: Towards a Social Psychology of crying in discourse.
Journal of Language and Social Psychology (Sage) (in press)

H. J. Ladegaard, W. F. Cheng
Constructing the cultural other: Prejudice and intregroup conflict in university students’ discourses about ‘the other’.
Language and Intercultural Communication (Routledge) (in press)

H. J. Ladegaard
Laughing at adversity: Laughter as communication in domestic helper narratives.
Journal of Language and Social Psychology 32 (2013), p. 459-480 (Sage).

H. J. Ladegaard
Demonising the cultural other: Legitimising dehumanisation of foreign domestic helpers in the Hong Kong press.
Discourse, Context & Media 2, p. 131-140 (Elsevier Publishers).

H. J. Ladegaard
Beyond the reach of ethics and equity? Depersonalisation and dehumanisation in foreign domestic helper narratives.
Language and Intercultural Communication 13 (2013), p. 44-59 (Routledge).

H. J. Ladegaard
The discourse of powerlessness and repression: Identity construction in domestic helper narratives.
Journal of Sociolinguistics 16 (2012), p. 450-482 (Wiley-Blackwell).

H. J. Ladegaard
Rudeness as a discursive strategy in leadership discourse: Jocular insults and gendered discourse in a Hong Kong workplace.
Journal of Pragmatics 44 (2012), p. 1661-1679 (Elsevier Publishers).

H. J. Ladegaard
‘Doing power’ at work: Responding to male and female management styles in a global business corporation.
Journal of Pragmatics 43 (2011), p. 4-19 (Elsevier Publishers).

H. J. Ladegaard
Stereotypes in the making: Prejudice and cultural generalizations in Hong Kong students’ discourse.
Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 21 (2011), p. 133-158 (John Benjamins).

H. J. Ladegaard
Discourses of identity: Outgroup stereotypes and strategies of discursive boundary-making in Chinese students’ online discussions about ‘the other’.
Journal of Multicultural Discourses 6 (2011), p. 1-21 (Routledge).

H. J. Ladegaard
Negotiation style, speech accommodation and small talk in Sino-Western business negotiations: A Hong Kong case study.
Journal of Intercultural Pragmatics 8 (2011), p. 197-226 (Mouton).