Keith A. Hobson

Research Scientist
Wildlife and Landscape Science
Environment Canada

Fields of interest: 

Application of endogenous markers to tracking animal migration and seasonal interactions.

Conservation of migratory wildlife.


Recent publications:

Hobson, K.A.2011: 
Isotopic Ornithology: a perspective.
Journal of Ornithology 152:49-66.

Hobson, K.A., C.M. Sharp, R.L. Jeffries, R.F. Rockwell, and K. F. Abraham. 2011: 
Nutrient allocation strategies to eggs by Lesser Snow geese at a sub Arctic colony.
Auk 128:156-165

Hobson KA, Wunder MB, Van Wilgenburg SL, Clark RG, Wassenaar LI. 2009:
A Method for Investigating Population Declines of Migratory Birds Using Stable Isotopes: Origins of Harvested Lesser Scaup in North America.
PLoS ONE 4(11): e7915. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0007915

Hobson, K.A., H. Lormée, S. L. Van Wilgenburg, L. I. Wassenaarand J. M. Boutin. 2009:
Stable isotopes (δD) delineate the origins and migratory connectivity of harvested animals: the case of European woodpigeons.
Journal of Applied Ecology 46:572-581.

Rohwer, S., K.A. Hobson, and V. Rohwer. 2009:
Migratory Double Breeding in Neotropical Migrant Birds.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 106:19050-19055.

Hobson, K.A. 2006:
Using stable isotopes to quantitatively track endogenous and exogenous nutrient allocations to eggs of birds that travel to breed.
Ardea 94:359-369.