Hans R Herren

President and CEO
Millennium Institute, Washington, DC and President Biovision Foundation, Zurich
E-mail: hansrherren@mac.com
Page: http://www.millennium-institute.org

Fields of interest:

Sustainable development, Policy development, System Dynamics, Ecology, Agroecology, Agronomy, Biological Control

Recent publications:

Herren, H.R., 1987. Africa-wide biological control project of cassava and cassava green mites: A review of objectives and achievements. Insect Science and Application, 8:837-840.

Herren, H.R., Neuenschwander, P. 1991. Biological control of cassava pests in Africa. Annual Revue of Entomol 36:257-283.

Herren, H.R. 2003. The War against Poverty: the Way Forward. In Resource Management for Poverty Reduction: Approaches and Technologies, Selected Contributions to Ethio-Forum 2002. AseffaAbreha, GetachewTikubet and Johann Baumgaertner (eds). Published by the Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation Fund

Fritz J. Häni, Laszlo Pinter and Hans R Herren. 2007. Sustainable Agriculture: from common principles to common practices. Proceeding and outputs of the first symposium of the international forum on assessing sustainability in agriculture. March 16, 2006, Bern, Switzerland. Edited by Fritz J. Häni, Laszlo Pinter and Hans R Herren. Published by IISD.

Leif Christian Stige, Jørn Stave, Kung-Sik Chan, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Nathalie Pettorelli, Michael Glantz, Hans R. Herren, and Nils Chr. Stenseth. 2006. From the Cover: The effect of climate variation on agro-pastoral production in Africa. PNAS. 103: 3049-3053

Rémy S. Pasquet, Alexis Peltier, Matthew B. Hufford, EmelineOudin, Jonathan Saulnier, LénaicPaul,Jette T. Knudsen, Hans R. Herren, and Paul Gepts. 2008. Long-distance pollen flow assessment through evaluation of pollinator foraging range suggests transgene escape distances. PNAS Vol. 105, 36:13456-13461.

Hans R. Herren, J. Wakhungu, R. Watson. 2009. Co-Chairs and Director: International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) Agriculture at a Crossroads. Island Press

UNEP, 2011. Green Economy Report Agriculture Chapter. Hans R Herren Coordinator. UNEP

UNEP, 2012. The Ecological Basis of Food Security. Hans R Herren Co-author of the Agriculture chapters. UNEP

Holt-Giménez, Eric, Annie Shattuck , Miguel Altieri, Hans Herren and Steve Gliessman. We Already Grow Enough Food for 10 Billion People … and Still Can’t End Hunger. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 36 (6), 2012.