Prof. Dr. Holger Schönherr

University Professor (W3) in Physical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry & Biology
University of Siegen, Faculty of Science and Technology

Fields of interest

Organic & polymeric biointerfaces; Self-assembled and templated nano- and microstructures; 3D Cell scaffolds; Atomic force microscopy


Recent publications

S. Haas, Y. Chen, C. Fuchs, S. Handschuh, M. Steuber, H. Schönherr
Amphiphilic block copolymer vesicles for active wound dressings: Synthesis of model systems and studies of encapsulation and release”
Macromol. Symposia, (2012) in press.

X.-Q. Dou, X. Yang, P. Li, Z. Zhang, H. Schönherr, D. Zhang, C.-L. Feng
Novel pH Responsive Hydrogels for Controlled Cell Adhesion and Triggered Surface Detachment,
Soft Matter, (2012) in press.

M. Raoufi, D. Tranchida, Holger Schönherr
Pushing the Size Limits in the Replication of Nanopores in Anodized Aluminum Oxide via the Layer-by-Layer Deposition of Polyelectrolytes,
Langmuir, Vol. 28, (2012), pp. 10091–10096.

B. Song, W. Walczyk, H. Schönherr
Contact Angles of Surface Nanobubbles on Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers With Systematically Varied Macroscopic Wettability by Atomic Force Microscopy,
Langmuir, Vol. 27, (2011), pp. 8223-8232.

A. Li, E. M. Benetti, D. Tranchida, J. N. Clasohm, H. Schönherr, N. Spencer
Surface-Grafted Hydrogel-Brush Thin Films with Tuneable Interfacial and Bulk Properties,
Macromolecules, Vol. 44, (2011), pp. 5344–5351.

D. Tranchida, E. Sperotto, T. Staedler, X. Jiang, H. Schönherr
Nanomechanical Properties of Oligo (Ethylene Glycol Methacrylate) Polymer Brush-Based Biointerfaces
Adv. Eng. Mater., Vol. 13, (2011), pp. B369–B376.

Q. Chen, H. Schönherr, G. Julius Vancso
Encapsulation and Release of Molecular Cargos via Temperature-Induced Vesicle – Micelle Transitions,
Small, Vol. 6, (2010), pp. 2762-2768.

Q. Chen, H. Schönherr, G. J. Vancso
Block Copolymer Vesicles as Nanosized Reactors for Enzymatic Reactions,
Small, Vol. 5, (2009), pp. 1436–1445.