Janellen Huttenlocher

Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
University of Chicago, USA
E-mail: hutt@uchicago.edu
Page: http://psychology.uchicago.edu/people/faculty/jhuttenlocher.shtml

Fields of interest:

Various aspects of cognitive development: quantitative development, the development of spatial understanding, the development of language

Recent publications:


Mix, K., Levine, S.C., & Huttenlocher, J. (2002):
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Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Newcombe, N. & Huttenlocher, J. (2000):
Making space: The development of spatial representation and reasoning.
Cambridge: MIT Press.


Newcombe, N. & Huttenlocher, J. (2003):
Extending space: Exploring the territory of spatial development: Book Review.
Human Development, 46, 61-68.

Huttenlocher, J., Vasilyeva, M., Cymerman, E., & Levine, S. (2002):
‘Language input and child syntax’.
Cognitive Psychology, 45, 337-374.

Huttenlocher, J., Duffy, S., & Levine, S. (2002):
Infants and toddlers discriminate space: Are they measuring?
Psychological Science, 13(3), 244-249.

Mix, K., Huttenlocher, J., & Levine, S. (2002):
Multiple cues for quantification in infancy: Is number one of them?
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