Dr Heather L. Wilson

Lecturer and Principal Investigator
Dept of Cardiovascular Science
University of Sheffield
E-mail: H.L.Wilson@sheffield.ac.uk
Page: http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/cardiovascularscience/profiles/wilson

Fields of interest

Inflammation, IL-1, P2X7, Atherosclerosis


Recent publications

Basran A, Jabeen M, Bingle L, Stokes CA, Dockrell DH, Whyte MK, Walmsley SR, Higgins KR, Vogel SN, Wilson HL, Prince LR, Prestwich EC, Sabroe RA, Parker LC, Sabroe I.
Roles of neutrophils in the regulation of the extent of human inflammation through delivery of IL-1 and clearance of chemokines.
Journal of Leukocyte Biology 2013, 93:7-19.

Ward JR, West PW, Ariaans MP, Parker LC, Francis SE, Crossman DC, Sabroe I,Wilson HL.
Temporal IL-1beta secretion from primary human peripheral blood monocytes by P2X7-independent and P2X7-dependent mechanisms.
Journal of Biological Chemistry  2010, 285: 23147-58.

Jon R Ward, Heather L Wilson, Sheila E Francis, David C Crossman, Ian Sabroe
Translational Mini-Review Series on Immunology of Vascular Disease: Inflammation, infections and Toll-like receptors in cardiovascular disease.
Clinical & Experimental Immunology. 2009,156:386-9.

Heather L. Wilson, Richard W. Varcoe, Leanne Stokes, Karen L. Holland, Sheila E. Francis, Steven K. Dower, Annmarie Surprenant, David C. Crossman
P2X receptor characterization and IL-1/IL-1Ra release from human endothelial cells.
British Journal of Pharmacology.2007, 151:115-27

Iona Evans, Steven K. Dower, Sheila E. Francis, David C. Crossman, and Heather L. Wilson
Action of intracellular IL-1Ra (Type 1) is independent of the IL-1 intracellular signaling pathway.
Cytokine 2006, 33: 274-80.

Heather L. Wilson, Sheila E. Francis, Steven K. Dower and David C. Crossman
Secretion of intracellular IL-1 receptor antagonist (type 1) is dependent on P2X7 receptor activation.
Journal of Immunology 2004, 173: 1202-8.

Heather L. Wilson, Stuart A. Wilson, Annmarie Surprenant and R. Alan North
Epithelial Membrane Proteins Induce Membrane Blebbing and Interact with the P2X7 Receptor C Terminus
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2002, 277:34017-23

Amanda MacKenzie, Heather L. Wilson, Endre Kiss-Toth, Steven K. Dower, R. Alan North and Annmarie Surprenant
Rapid secretion of interleukin-1beta by microvesicle shedding.
Immunity 2001, 15:825-35.