Istvan Simon

Institute of Enzymology
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Fields of interest:

  • Investigation of conformation, folding, stability of proteins by small angle X-ray scattering, hydrodynamic, spectroscopic methods
  • Conformational energy calculations, statistical analyses of amino acid sequences, of 3D structure of proteins


Recent publications (selected):

G.E. Tusnády, L. Kalmár and I. Simon:
TOPDB: topology data bank of transmembrane proteins.
Nucleic Acids Res Vol. 36, (2008), pp. D234-9

A. Toth-Petroczy, B. Meszaros, I. Simon, A.K. Dunker, V.N. Uversky and M. Fuxreiter:
Assessing Conservation of Disordered Regions in Proteins
The Open Proteomics Journal Vol. 1, (2008),
pp. 46-53

E. Csosz E, P. Bagossi, Z. Nagy, Z. Dosztányi, I. Simon and L. Fésüs:
Substrate Preference of Transglutaminase 2 Revealed by Logistic Regression Analysis and Intrinsic Disorder Examination.
J Mol Biol, Vol. 383, (2008), pp.

Fuxreiter, P. Tompa, I. Simon, V.N. Uversky, J.C. Hansen and F.J. Asturias:

Malleable machines take shape in eukaryotic transcriptional regulation.

Nat Chem Biol
Vol. 4, (2008), pp. 728-37.

G.E. Tusnády, L. Kalmár, H. Hegyi, P. Tompa and I. Simon:
TOPDOM: database of domains and motifs with conservative location in transmembrane proteins.

Vol. 24, (2008), pp. 1469-70.

Á. Tóth-Petróczy, C.J. Oldfield, I. Simon, Y. Takagi,
A.K. Dunker, V.N. Uversky and M. Fuxreiter:

Malleable machines in transcription regulation: the mediator complex.

PLoS Comput Biol
Vol. 4, (2008), pp. e1000243.

P. Tompa, M. Fuxreiter, C.J. Oldfield, I. Simon, A.K. Dunker and V.N. Uversky:
Close encounters of the third kind: disordered domains and the interactions of proteins.

Vol. 31, (2009), pp. 328-35.

C.J. Madrid-Aliste, J.M. Dybas, R.H. Angeletti, L.M. Weiss, K. Kim, I. Simon and
A. Fiser:
EPIC-DB: a proteomics database for studying Apicomplexan organisms.
BMC Genomics Vol. 10, (2009), p. 38.

I. Solt, P. KulhaÌチnek, I. Simon, S. Winfield, M.C. Payne,G. CsaÌチnyi,
M. Fuxreiter:

Evaluating Boundary Dependent Errors in QM/MM Simulations.

J Phys Chem B
Vol. 113, (2009), pp. 5728-5735.

B. Mészáros, I. Simon and Z. Dosztányi:

Prediction of protein binding regions in disordered proteins.

PLoS Comput Biol
Vol. 5, (2009), p. e1000376.