Ilko Getov

Professor, Mag.Ph, PhD
Faculty of Pharmacy
Medical University – Sofia

Fields of interest

Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacovigilance, Social Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Safety

Recent publications

E. Grigorov, Emilia Naseva, Ilko Getov.
Study of patients’ willingness-to-pay for pharmacotherapy of ischemic heart disease.
Archives of the Balkan Medical Union, 2011, vol. 46, no. 3, pp. 177-9.

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The social choice theory and its application in healthcare for measurement of the social welfare.
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Patients’ attitude about generics – Bulgarian perspective.
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Study of obligations defined in agreements between parties involved in clinical trials of medicinal products in Bulgaria.
Medicinski Glasnik Vol 9 No 2 pp. 383-7 (August 2012) ISSN 1840-0132.

Ekaterina Kozuharova, Ilko Getov.
Herbal medicinal products registrations in the EU and the implications for the Bulgarian medicinal plant resources.
Proceeding of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 2012 (65) issue 11, pp. 1527-1534.

Hristina V. Lebanova, Ilko N. Getov, Evgeni E. Grigorov.
Descriptive study for look-alike and sound-alike medicines based on local language peculiarities.
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Dimitar K. Manolov, Ilko N. Getov, Emilia K. Naseva.
Practical approach to study medical doctors’ habits and attitude to Internet.
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, 17 (1) 2012, number 01, 1-6, ISSN 0976-044X.

Ilko Getov, Evgeni Grigorov, Emilia Naseva, Krassimir Kojnov.
Model pharmacoeconomic study on Iressa® (gefitinib) as a first line treatment of non-small cell lung cancer at stage IIIb/IV in EGFR mutation positive Bulgarian patients.
Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 2013 (27) 1, pp. 3586-3594, doi: 10.5504/bbeq.2012.0050.

Ekaterina Kozuharova, Hristina Lebanova, Ilko Getov, Niko Benbassat, Julia Napier.
Descriptive study of contemporary status of the traditional knowledge on medicinal plants in Bulgaria.
African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Vol. 7 (5), pp. 185-198, 8 Feb 2013 DOI: 10.5897/AJPP12.871.

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Hristina Lebanova, Ilko Getov, Evgeni Grigorov.
Practical tool to assess reliability of web-based medicines information.
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Ekaterina Kožuharova, Hristina Lebanova, Ilko Getov, Niko Benbassat, Vladimir Kochmarov.
Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle – a terrible invasive pest in Bulgaria or potential useful medicinal plant?
Bothalia journal Vol 44, No. 3; Mar 2014: 213-30.

Ekaterina Kozuharova, Niko Benbassat and Ilko Getov.
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