Ignacio J. Diaz-Maroto

Professor and researcher at the USC (Spain) ; SJRD Editor
Agroforestry Engineering
University of Santiago de Compostela (USC)
E-mail: ignacio.diazmaroto@usc.es
Page: http://www.sjruraldevelopment.org

Fields of interest:

Forest Management; Rural Development; Landscape Planning

Recent publications:

Alanon M., Schumacher R., Castro-Vazquez L., Diaz-Maroto I.J., et al.:
Enological potential of chestnut wood for aging Tempranillo wines I: Volatile compounds and sensorial properties.
Food Research International 2013, 51: 325-334.

Alanon M., Perez-Coello M., Diaz-Maroto I.J., et al.:
Influence of geographical location, site and silvicultural parameters, on volatile composition of Q. pyrenaica Willd. wood used in wine aging.
Forest Ecology And Management 2011, 262: 124-130.

Alanon M., Diaz-Maroto M., Diaz-Maroto I.J., et al.:
Cyclic polyalcohols: Fingerprints to identify the botanical origin of natural woods used in wine aging.
Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry 2011, 59: 1269-1274.

Diaz-Maroto I.J., Fernandez-Parajes J., Vila-Lameiro P.:
Site index model for natural stands of rebollo oak (Q. pyrenaica Willd.) in Galicia, NW Iberian Peninsula.
Ciencia Florestal 2010, 20: 57-68.

Diaz-Maroto I. J., Vila-Lameiro P.:
Natural forests of sessile oak (Q. petraea Liebl.) in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula – influence of soil type and site on the composition of the mineral topsoil.
Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B-Soil And Plant Science 2009, 59: 506-513.

Diaz-Maroto I. J., Vila-Lameiro P., Silva-Pando F. J.:
Nutrient status in oak forests in Galicia, Northwest Spain: Foliar and soil concentration.
Communications In Soil Science And Plant Analysis 2009, 40: 1906-1929.

Diaz-Maroto I. J., Vila-Lameiro P.:
Pedunculate oak (Q. robur L.) silviculture in natural stands of NW Spain: Environmental conditioners.
Forest Ecology And Management 2008, 256: 702-711.