Dr. Igor L. Medintz

Research Biologist IV Head, Laboratory for Biosensors and Biomaterials
Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering
United States Naval Research Laboratory
E-mail: Igor.medintz@nrl.navy.mil

Fields of interest:

Nanoparticle-biological interface, bioconjugation chemistry, energy transfer, FRET, biosensing, enzymatic catalysis at a nanoparticle interface, nanoparticle-based cellular imaging.

Recent publications:

W.R. Algar, A.P. Malanoski, K. Susumu, M.H. Stewart, N. Hildebrandt, I.L. Medintz,
Multiplexed Tracking of Coupled Protease Activity Using a Single Color of Quantum Dot Vector and a Time-Gated Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Relay,
Analytical Chemistry 84, 10136-10146 (2012).

R. Walters, R.P. Kraig, I. Medintz, J.B. Delehanty, M.H. Stewart, K. Susumu, A.L. Huston, P.E. Dawson, G. Dawson,
Nanoparticle Targeting to Neurons in a Rat Hippocampal Slice Culture Model,
ASN NEURO 4(6) art:e00099 (2012).

W. R. Algar, A. Malonski, J.R. Deschamps, J.B. Blanco-Canosa, K. Susumu, M.H. Stewart, B.J. Johnson, P.E. Dawson, I.L. Medintz,
Proteolytic Activity at Quantum Dot-Conjugates: Kinetic Analysis Reveals Enhanced Enzyme Activity and Localized Interfacial “Hopping”,
Nano Letters 12, 3793-3802 (2012).

J.B. Delehanty, K. Susumu, R.L. Manthe, W.R. Algar, I.L. Medintz,
Active Cellular Sensing with Quantum Dots: Transitioning from Research Tool to Reality,
Analytica Chimica Acta 750, 63-81 (2012). (Invited Review).

M.H. Stewart, A. Huston, A.L. Scott, A. Efros, J. Melinger, K. Boeneman Gemmill, S. Trammell, J. Blanco-Canosa, P.E. Dawson, I.L. Medintz,
Complex Förster Energy Transfer Interactions between Semiconductor Quantum Dots and a Redox-Active Osmium Assembly,
ACS Nano 6, 5330-5347 (2012).

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Multimodal Characterization of a Linear DNA-Based Nanostructure,
ACS Nano 6, 1026-1043 (2012).

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Cellular uptake and fate of PEGylated gold nanoparticles is dependent on both cell penetration peptides and particle size,
ACS Nano 5, 6434-6448 (2011).