Ian Roberts

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
University of Cambridge
E-mail: igr20@cam.ac.uk
Page: http://www.ling.cam.ac.uk/people/roberts/

Fields of interest:

Historical syntax, comparative syntax, generative linguistics

Recent publications:

I. Roberts,
Agreement and Head Movement: Clitics, Incorporation, and Defective Goals.
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press 2010.

R. D’Alessandro, A Ledgeway, I. Roberts (eds.)
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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2010.

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Parametric Variation: Null Subjects in Minimalist Theory.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2010.

I. Roberts,
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Oxford: Oxford University Press 2007.

I. Roberts (ed.),
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6 volumes. London: Routledge 2007.

I. Roberts,
Principles and Parameters in a VSO Language: a Case Study in Welsh.
Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press 2005.

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2003.

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