Aniefiok E. Ite

PhD Researcher
The Lancaster Environment Centre
The University of Lancaster

Fields of interest: 

Developing environmental biotechnologies for petroleum hydrocarbon–contaminated wastes from the oil industry and understanding fundamental processes affecting organic contaminant–plant secreted chemical–microbe interactions in soils.

A particular area of expertise lies in understanding of the risk associated with hydrocarbon contamination in soil and identifying the likelihood of using microbial strategies to mitigate against this significant environmental problems and reduce threat posed to human wellbeing.

Other fields of interests include international environmental law, good governance, sustainable development, chemical risk assessment and chemical management.


Recent publications:

Aniefiok E. Ite, Kirk T. Semple:
Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Contaminated Soil, in: Rajesh Arora (Ed.), Microbial Biotechnology: Energy and Environment. CAB International, 2012 (Accepted Book Chapter in press)

Klára Šmídová, Jakub Hofman,Aniefiok E. Ite, Kirk T. Semple:
Fate and bioavailability of 14C-pyrene and 14C-lindane in sterile natural and artificial soils and the influence of aging (Accepted Journal Article in press)

Aniefiok E. Ite, Paul Arthur, Graeme I. Paton, Kirk T. Semple:
Biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated drill cuttings in soil (Submitted journal article)

Aniefiok E. Ite, Kirk T. Semple:
Effect of organic nutrient amendment on development of hydrocarbon catabolism in petroleum–contaminated drill cuttings in soil (Journal article ready for submission)

Aniefiok E. Ite, Olusoji O. Igunnugbemi, Nicola Hanney, Kirk T. Semple:
Can exudates from plant roots and rhizosphere influence microbial mineralisation of target 14C–hydrocarbons in contaminated soil?(Journal article ready for submission)