Harish V. Iyer

Faculty Member
Internal Medicine
Albert Einstein Medical Center
E-mail: Harishiyer2@gmail.com

Fields of Interest:

  • Internal Medicine
  • History of medicine
    Diagnostic testing
    Eponymous diseases
    Medical Education
    Autoimmune diseases

  • Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Peptic Ulcer disease
    Hereditary hemochromatosis
    Drug induced liver disease
    Esophageal motility disorders
    Advanced Endoscopy

Recent Publications:

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The evolving etiopathogenesis of retroperitoneal fibrosis.
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Iyer HV.:
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Iyer H.:
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J Postgrad Med. 2009 Jul-Sep;55(3):232PMID: 19884758

Iyer HV.:
Iron deficiency in Asians and Caucasians – are the conclusions valid?
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Iyer HV.:
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Iyer HV:
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Iyer HV, Moudgil H, Newman P, Srinivasan KS.:
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