János Kovács

Assistant professor
Department of Geology
University of Pécs
E-mail: jones@gamma.ttk.pte.hu
Page: http://sites.google.com/site/jkovacsgeology/

Fields of interest:

  • siliciclastic sedimentology,
  • Quaternary geology and paleontology,
  • aeolian processes,
  • low-temperature geochemical processes (chemical weathering),
  • geomicrobiolgy, biogeochemistry

Recent publications :

Gy. Varga, J. Kovács, G. Újvári:
Analysis of Saharan dust intrusions into the Carpathian Basin (Central Europe) over the period of 1979-2011,
Global and Planetary Change,Vol. 100, (2013), pp. 333–342.

J. Kovács, M. Moravcová, G. Újvári, A.G. Pintér:
Reconstructing the paleoenvironment of East Central Europe in the Late Pleistocene using the oxygen and carbon isotopic signal of tooth in large mammal remains,
Quaternary International, Vol. 276-277, (2012), pp. 145–154.

J. Kovács, Sz. Á. Fábián, G. Varga, G. Újvári, Gy. Varga, J. Dezső:
Plio-Pleistocene red clay deposits in the Pannonian basin: A review,
Quaternary International, Vol. 240, (2011), pp. 35–43.

G. Újvári, J. Kovács, Gy. Varga, B. Raucsik, S.B. Markovic:
Dust flux estimates for the Last Glacial Period in East Central Europe based on terrestrial records of loess deposits: a review,
Quaternary Science Reviews, Vol. 29, (2010), pp. 3157–3166.

J. Kovács:
Grain-size analysis of the Neogene red clay formation in the Pannonian Basin,
International Journal of Earth Sciences, Vol. 97, (2008), pp. 171-178.