John A. Hawkins

Professor of Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
University of California Davis

Fields of interest:

Psycholinguistics, historical linguistics, language universals and typology, Germanic language family

Recent publications:

J. A. Hawkins, L. Filipović,
Multiple factors in second language acquisition: The CASP model
Linguistics 51 (1/2013), pp. 145-176.

J. A. Hawkins,
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J. A. Hawkins,
Patterns of asymmetry in argument structure across languages: Some principles and puzzles.
Argument Structure and Grammatical Relations: A Crosslinguistic Typology, (ed.) P. Suihkonen, B. Comrie,V. Solovyev, Amsterdam: John Benjamins 2012, pp. 133–150.

J. A. Hawkins,
Processing efficiency and complexity in typological patterns.
Oxford Handbook of Language Typology, (ed.) J. J. Song, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011, pp. 206–226.

J. A. Hawkins,
A processing approach to the typology of noun phrases
Italian Journal of Linguistics 23 (1/ 2011), pp. 1–20.

J. A. Hawkins,
Language universals and the performance-grammar correspondence hypothesis.
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J. A. Hawkins,
Processing typology and why psychologists need to know about it
New Ideas in Psychology 25 (2007), pp. 87–107.

J. A. Hawkins,
Efficiency and Complexity in Grammars,
Oxford University Press 2004.