Jadwiga Jarzyna

Professor, Head of the Department of Geophysics
Department of Geophysics
AGH University of Science and Technology
E-mail: jarzyna@uci.agh.edu.pl

Fields of interest:

  • Well logging
  • Petrophysics
  • Applied geophysics
  • Eeducation in geophysics


Recent publications:

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Appl. Radiat. Isotopes
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J. Jarzyna , K. Wawrzyniak and K. Olesiński:

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J. Jarzyna and M. Bała:

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U. Woźnicka, J. Jarzyna and E. Krynicka:

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In: Proc. AAPG European Region Conference: Regional geology and hydrocarbon systems of European and Russian basins: Looking for sweet spots, Oct. 10-13, Prague, Czech Republic, (2004), 8 pp.

K. Pietsch and J. Jarzyna:

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