Jan Jędrasik

Department of Physical Oceanography
Institute of Oceanography University of Gdańsk
E-mail: ocejj@univ.gda.pl
Page: http://www.oig.ug.edu.pl/

Fields of interest:

  • physical oceanography, 
  • operational oceanography, 
  • ecohydrodynamic, 
  • numerical modeling, 
  • exchange of waters in the coastal zone, 
  • long term sea level oscillations


Recent publications:

J. Jędrasik, W. Cieślikiewicz, M. Kowalewski, K. Bradtke, A. Jankowski: 
44 years hindcast of the sea level and circulation in the Baltic Sea, 
Coastal Engineering, Vol. 55(11), (2008) pp. 849-860

Ł. Łęczyński, N. Chlebus, G. Grusza, J. Jędrasik: 
Morphological and hydrodynamic conditions of Hel Peninsula’s abrasion in the Kuźnica region (southern Baltic),
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies, 36(2), (2007), pp. 21-37

A. Jankowski, J. Jędrasik: 
Assimilation experiments in the Gdansk Basin (the southeastern Baltic): How useful are the sea level data from coastal tide gauges for modeling of hydrophysical fields, Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies, 36, 4, (2007) pp. 1-24

B. Ołdakowski, M. Kowalewski, J. Jędrasik, M. Szymelfenig: 
Ecohydrodynamic Model of the Baltic Sea, Part I: Description of the ProDeMo model, 
OCEANOLOGIA, Vol. 47(4), (2005), pp. 477-516

J. Jędrasik, M. Szymelfenig: 
The ecohydrodynamic model for the Baltic Sea. Part II – validation of the model, 
OCEANOLOGIA, 47(4), (2005), pp. 543-566

J. Jędrasik: 
Validation of the hydrodynamic part of the ecohydrodynamic model for the southern Baltic, 
OCEANOLOGIA, 47(4), (2005), pp. 1-25

A. Kannen, J. Jędrasik, M. Kowalewski, B. Oldakowski, J. Nowacki: 
Assessing catchment-coast interactions for the Bay of Gdansk, Coastline Reports 2 (2004),
In: G. Schernewski & N. Löser (eds.): Managing the Baltic Sea, (2004), pp. 155-165

J. Jędrasik, J. Cyberski: 
The water exchange in estuarine lakes of the Southern Baltic Sea on the Gardno Lake example, 
Oc. Stud., Vol. 29(3), (2001), pp. 43-66 

J. Jędrasik: 
The influence of the advection on the water temperature distribution in the Gulf of Gdańsk; numerical study, 
Oceanol. Stud., Vol. 26(4), (1997), pp. 41-64

J. Jędrasik: 
Model of matter exchange and energy inflow in the ecosystem of Gulf od Gdańsk, 
Oceanol. Stud., Vol. 26 (4), (1997) pp. 3-12