Francis Jiggins

Royal Society Research Fellow and University Lecturer
Department of Genetics
University of Cambridge

Fields of interest: 

Immune system evolution and genomics


Recent publications:

Carpenter JA, Hadfield JD, Bangham J, Jiggins FM:
Specific interactions between host and parasite genotypes do not act as a constraint on the evolution of antiviral resistance in Drosophila.
Evolution, (2012) In Press.

Longdon B, Hadfield JD, Webster CL, Obbard DJ, Jiggins FM:
Host phylogeny determines viral persistence and replication in novel hosts.
PLoS Pathogens, 7(9), (2011): e1002260.

Wilfert L, Longdon B, Ferreira AGA, Bayer F, Jiggins FM:
Trypanosomatids are common and diverse parasites of Drosophila.
Parasitology, 138, (2011): 858-865.

Longdon B, Wilfert L, Obbard DJ, Jiggins FM:
Rhabdoviruses in Two Species of Drosophila: Vertical Transmission and a Recent Sweep.
Genetics, 188, (2011): 141–150.

Magwire MM, Bayer F, Webster C, Cao C, Jiggins FM:
Successive Increases in the Resistance of Drosophila to Viral Infection through a Transposon Insertion Followed by a Duplication.
PLoS Genetics, 7(10), (2011): e: 1002337.

Jiggins FM, Hurst GDD:
Rapid insect evolution by symbiont transfer.
Science, 332, (2011): 185-186.

Obbard DJ, Jiggins FM, Bradshaw NJ, Little TJ:
Recent and recurrent selective sweeps of the antiviral RNAi gene Argonaute-2 in three species of Drosophila.
Molecular Biology and Evolution, 28, (2010): 1043-1056.

Wilfert L, Jiggins FM:
Disease association mapping in Drosophila can be replicated in the wild.
Biology Letters, 6, (2010): 666-668.

Obbard DJ, Welch JJ, Kim K-W, Jiggins FM:
Quantifying Adaptive Evolution in the Drosophila Immune System.
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