Dr. John Ivan V. Palagar

Communication and Language
Bahrain Training Institute
E-mail: john_ivan2007@yahoo.com

Fields of interest:

metaphors, corpus linguistics, language policy, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, comparative linguistics, morphology, phonology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and language acquisition

Recent publications:

J. I. Palagar
Exploring the Patterns in Figurative Language Production Using a Controlled Stimulus.
International Journal of Arts and Sciences, in press.

J. I Palagar
Towards a Taxonomy of Metaphors of a Curtailed Language: The Case of Waray.
Endangered Metaphors, Volume 2. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company. 2014.

J. I. Palagar,
Non-Literal Figures of Nationalism in the Southeast Asian Context.
Humanities and Social Sciences Review, Volume 2, Issue 4. 2014.

J. I. Palagar
Socio-Affective Borders of Figurative Language Production among Second Language Speakers.
International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 4. 2014.

J. I. Palagar
The Impact of Discussion Boards and Reflective Interaction on the Writing Performance of Second Language Learners.
Journal of Applied Foreign Languages, Volume 4, June 2009.