Josip Knezović

Assistant Professor
Department of Control and Computer Engineering
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Fields of interest

Programming paradigms, tools and languages for parallel computing, embedded systems, multimedia processing, stream programming, domain specific languages for scalable and portable parallelization


Recent publications

Knezović, Josip; Mlinarić, Hrvoje; Žagar, Martin
Lossless Image Compression Exploiting Streaming Model for Efficient Execution on Multicores.
Automatika:Journal for Control, Measurement, Electronics, Computing and Communications, 53(3), 2012, pp. 272–286.

Knezović, Josip; Kovač Mario; Mlinarić Hrvoje.
Integrating Streaming Computations for Efficient Execution on Novel Multicore Architectures.
Automatika: Journal for Control, Measurement, Electronics, Computing and Communications. 51(4), 2011, pp. 387–396.

Knezović, Josip; Kovač, Mario; Žagar, Martin; Mlinarić Hrvoje; Hofman, Daniel.
Novel Prediction Based Technique for Efficient Compression of Medical Imaging Data (book chapter).
Telemedicine Techniques and Applications. Intech, 2011.

Žagar Martin; Kovač Mario; Knezović Josip; Mlinarić Hrvoje; Hofman Daniel.
3D Object Classification and Segmentation Methods (book chapter). High-Quality Visual Experience: Creation, Processing and Interactivity of High–Reso-lution and High-Dimensional Video Signals.
Editors: Mrak Marta; Grgić Mislav; Kunt Murat. Springer–Verlag, 2010.