Jacob Lassner

Professor of History and Religion
Department of Religious Studies
Northwestern University
E-mail: J-Lassner@Northwestern.edu

Fields of interest:

The historical background of Jewish-Muslim relations; Jewish themes in Islamic Tradition; Jews in the orbit of Islam; Urban history of the medieval Near East; Arabic historical writing; Islamic government and military organization; Political-Religious parties of early Islam reflected in the history of modern times; Classical Islamic tradition and the modern Near East; Biblical scholarship and the politics of the Modern Near East; The deep roots of Arab-Israel problem

Recent publications:

J. Lassner
Jews, Christians, and the Abode of Islam: Modern Scholarship, Medieval Realities.
Chicago 2012.

M. Bonner, J. Lassner,
Medieval Islam: The Origins and Shaping of the Classical Islamic Civilization.
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Rowman & Littlefield, 2007.

J. Lassner (ed.)
A Gateway to Mediaval Mediterranean Life: Cairo’s Ben Ezra Syagogue.
Chicago, 2001.

J. Lassner,
The Middle East Remembered: Forged Identities, Competing Narraitives, Contested Spaces.
Ann Arbor, 2000.

J. Lassner,
A Mediterranean Society.
Revised and abridged version of S.D. Goitein’s five volume work. Berkeley-Los Angeles, 1999.
Translated into Italian, 2002.

J. Lassner,
Demonizing the Queen of Sheba: Boundaries od Gender & Culture in Post-Biblical Judaism & Medieval Islam.
Chicago, 1993.

J. Lassner,
Islamic Revolution and Historical Memory.
New Haven, 1986

J. Lassner,
The Shaping of Abbasid Rule.
Princeton, 1980

J. Lassner,
The Topography of Baghdad in the Early Middle Ages: Text & Studies.
Detroit, 1970.
Translated and adapted into Arabic by S.A. al-Ali, Baghdad, 1984.