Jianquan Luo

Associate Professor
Institute of Process Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Page: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jianquan_Luo

Fields of interest:

Biocatalytic membrane; Enzymatic membrane reactor; Biorefinery; Wastewater treatment.

Short bio-sketch:


2012 PhD University of Technology of Compiegne, France

2011 PhD Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Professional experience:

2012- Present : Hans Christian Ørsted postdoc position, Technical University of Denmark

2011 – 2012: Postdoc., University of Technology of Compiegne

Recent publications:

Jianquan Luo*, Rune T. Nordvang, Sofie T. Morthensen, Birgitte Zeuner, Anne S. Meyer, Jørn Dalgaard Mikkelsen, Manuel Pinelo*.
An integrated membrane system for the biocatalytic production of 3’-sialyllactose from dairy by-products,
Bioresource Technology, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.biortech.2014.05.003

Jianquan Luo*, Fauziah Marpani, Rita Brites, Lisbeth Frederiksen, Anne S. Meyer, Manuel Pinelo*,
Directing filtration to optimize enzyme immobilization in reactive membranes,
Journal of Membrane Science, 459 (2014) 1-11.

Birgitte Zeuner, Jianquan Luo, Christian Nyffenegger, Ville Aumala, Jørn Dalgaard Mikkelsen, Anne S. Meyer*.
Optimizing the biocatalytic productivity of engineered sialidase (Tr6) from Trypanosoma rangeli in the production of 3’-sialyllactose,
Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 55 (2014) 85-93.

Yuming Zhang, Xiangrong Chen, Benkun Qi, Jianquan Luo, Fei Shen, Yi Su, Rashid Khan, Yinhua Wan*,
Improving lactic acid productivity from wheat straw hydrolysates by membrane integrated repeated batch fermentation under non-sterilized conditions,
Bioresource Technology, 163 (2014) 160-166

Weifeng Cao, Jianquan Luo, Benqun Qi, Juan Zhao, Changsheng Qiao, Luhui Ding, Yi Su, Yinhua Wan*,
β-poly (L-malic acid) production by fed-batch culture of Aureobasidium pullulans ipe-1 with mixed sugars,
Engineering in Life Sciences, 14 (2014) 180-189.

Jianquan Luo*, Anne S. Meyer, Gunnar Jonsson, Manuel Pinelo*.
Fouling-induced enzyme immobilization in membrane reactors,
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Jianquan Luo, Yinhua Wan,
Effects of pH and salt on nanofiltration – A critical review,
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Jianquan Luo, Zhenzhou Zhu, Luhui Ding, Olivier Bals, Yinhua Wan, Michel Y. Jaffrin, Eugene Vorobiev,
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Journal of Membrane Science, 435 (2013) 120-129.