Shibu Jose

H.E. Garrett Endowed Professor and Director of The Center for Agroforestry
School of Natural Resources
University of Missouri

Fields of interest: 

Ecological sustainability, agroforestry


Recent publications:

Jose, S. 2011: 
Managing native and non-native plant species in agroforestry.
Agroforestry Systems 83: 101-105

Tamang, B., Andreu, M.G., Staudhammer, C.L., Rockwood, D.L., and Jose, S. 2011:
Towards an empirical relationship between root length density and root number in windbreak-grown cadaghi (Corymbia torelliana) trees.
Plant Root 5:40-45

Celis, G. and Jose, S. 2011:
Restoring abandoned pastures with native trees in Costa Rica: Interactive effects of light and competition from exotic grasses.
Forest Ecology and Management 261: 1598-1604

Stehn, S., Webster, C., Jenkins, M.A., and Jose, S. 2011: 
High-elevation ground-layer plant community composition across environmental gradients in spruce-fir forests.
Ecological Research 26:1089-1101

Hall, J.S., Garen, E. Ashton, M. and Jose, S. 2011: 
The ecology and ecosystem services of native trees: Implications for reforestation and land restoration in Mesoamerica.
Forest Ecology and Management 261: 1553-1557

Holzmueller, E.J., and Jose, S. 2011: 
Invasion success of cogongrass, an alien C4 perennial grass, in the southeastern United States: Exploration of the ecological basis.
Biological Invasions 13: 435-442

Shields, J., Jose, S., Bunyan, M., Freeman, J.E., Celis, G., Hagan, D., Morgan, M., Zak, J. 2011: 
Impact of laurel wilt on redbay (Persea borbonia (L.) Spreng.) in a mixed evergreen-deciduous forest in northern Florida.
Journal of Forestry 109: 82-88

Hagan D., and Jose, S. 2011: 
Interspecific competition enhances nitrogen fixation in an actinorhizal shrub.
Plant Ecology 212:63–68

Holzmueller, E.J., and Jose, S. 2010: 
Response of Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) to imazapyr herbicides on a reclaimed phosphate-mine site in central Florida, USA.
Ecological Restoration 28:300-303

Holzmueller, E.J., Jose, S. , and Jenkins, M.A. 2010:
Ecological consequences of an exotic fungal disease in eastern U.S. hardwood forests.
Forest Ecology and Management 259: 1347-1353