Jacques Piazzola

Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO) UM CNRS n° 110
Université du Sud – Toulon et Var (FR)
E-mail: piazzola@univ-tln.fr

Fields of interest:

Physics of the marine environment through studies on transfer processes at the ocean-atmosphere, aerosol generation, transport and radiative forcing at local scale of coastal areas. This includes work on the wind-waves interaction, wave breaking through energetic and bathymetric processes and the sea-spray source function, as well as on the shoreline evolution.

Recent publications: 

Rabia M., Chagdali M., Mordane S., Piazzola J.
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Atmospheric Environment, 2012, 54:545-556.

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Atmospheric Research, 2011, 101:396–411.

Tedeschi G., Piazzola J.
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Atmospheric Research, 2011, 101:469–479.

Piazzola J., Tedeschi G., Blot R.
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Atmos. Research, 2010, 97/1-2:214-228  doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2010.04.003.

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