Jean Roncali

Research Director
Group Linear Conjugated Systems, Moltech-Anjou
University of Angers

Fields of interest

Design and synthesis of functional pi-conjugated systems for applications in electrochemical energy storage, sensors, molecular electronics, optoelectronics and organic photovoltaics.


Recent publications

A. Leliège, C-H. Le Régent, M. Allain, P. Blanchard, J.  Roncali,
Structural modulation of internal charge transfer in small molecular donors for organic solar cells,
Chem Commun. 48, 8907, 2012.

D. Demeter, T. Rousseau, P. Leriche, T. Cauchy, R. Po, J. Roncali,
Manipulation of the open-circuit voltage of organic solar cells by desymmetrization of the molecular structure of A-D-A donors,
Adv. Funct. Mater. 21, 4379, 2011.

E. Ripaud, T. Rousseau, P. Leriche, J. Roncali,
Unsymmetrical triphenylamine-oligothiophene hybrid conjugated systems as donor materials for high-voltag solution-processed organic  solar cells,
Adv. Energy Mater. 1, 540, 2011.

T. K. Tran, Q. Bricaud, M. Oçafrain, P. Blanchard, J. Roncali, S. Lenfant, D. Vuillaume, D. Rondeau,
Thiolate chemistry a powerfull and versatile tool for immobilization and post-functionnalization of oligothiophene doubly fixed on gold surface,
Chem. Eur. J. 17, 5628, 2011.

T. Rousseau,A. Cravino,E. Ripaud,P. Leriche,S. Rihn,A. De Nicola,R. Ziessel,J. Roncali,
A Tailored Hybrid bodipy-oligothiophene donor for molecular bulk heterojunction solar cells with improved performances,
Chem. Commun., 5082, 2010.

K. Smaali, S. Lenfant, S. Karpe, M. Oçafrain, P. Blanchard, D. Deresmes, S. Godey, A. Rochefort, J. Roncali, D. Vuillaume,
High on-off conductance switching ratio in optically driven self-assembled molecular devices,
ACS Nano 4, 2411, 2010.

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Bodipy Derivatives as Donor Materials for Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells,
Chem. Commun., 1673, 2009.

J. Roncali,
Molecular Bulk Heterojunctions: An Emerging Approach to Organic Solar Cells,
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T.  Rousseau,A. Cravino,T. Bura,G. Ulrich,R. Ziessel,J. Roncali,
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