Jingfang Ju

Co-Director of Translational Research
State University of New York at Stony Brook
E-mail: Jingfang.ju@sbumed.org

Recent publications:

Zhai H, Ju J.:
Implications of microRNAs in colorectal cancer development, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics.
Front Genet., 2(78) (2011)

Karaayvaz M, Pal T, Song B, Zhang C, Georgakopoulos P, Mehmood S, Burke S, Shroyer K, Ju J.:
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Clinical Colorectal Cancer, 10(4): 340-347(2011)

Song B, Ju J.:
miRNAs as diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in gastrointestinal cancer.
Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine, 12 e33 (2010)

Louie E, Nik S, Chen JS, Schmidt M, Song B, Pacson C, Chen XF, Park S, Ju J, Chen EI.:
Identification of a stem-like cell population by exposing metastatic breast cancer cell lines to repetitive cycles of hypoxia and reoxygenation.
Breast Cancer Res., 12 (6): R94 (2010)

Kudo K, Xi Y, Wang Y, Song B, Chu E, Ju J, Russo J, Ju J.:
Translational control analysis by  translationally active RNA capture/microarray analysis (TrIP-Chip).
Nucleic Acids Res., 1-9 (2010)

Song B, Yang Y, Titmus M, Botchkina G, Formentini A, Kornmann M, Ju J.:
Molecular mechanism of chemoresistance by miR-215 in osteosarcoma and colon cancer cells.
Mol Cancer, 30, 9: 96 (2010)

Wang B, Wang XF, Howell P, Qian X, Huang K, Riker AI, Ju J, Xi Y.:
A personalized microRNA microarray normalization method using a logistic regression model.
Bioinformatics, 26(2):228-34. (2010)

Mishra PJ, Song B, Mishra P, Wang Y, Humeniuk R, Banerjee D, Merlino G, Ju J, Bertino JR.:
Loss of miR-24 function due to a polymorphism in the dihydrofolate reductase 3’-UTR results in cellular transformation.
PLoS ONE, 4(12): e8445 (2009)

Wang Y, Song B, Botchikina G, Gavin, E, Wan Y, Formentini A, Kornmann M, Ju J.:
miR-140 inhibits cell prolieferation by targeting histone deacetylase 4 in human colon and osteosarcoma cancer cells mediated by p53.
Oncogene, 28(46):4065-74 (2009)

Bruheim S, Xi Y, Ju J. Fodstad O.:
Gene expression profiles classify osteosarcoma xenografts according to sensitivity to doxorubicin, cisplatin, and ifosfamide.
Clinical Cancer Res., 15(23):7161-9 (2009)