Junxiang LI

Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science
East China Normal University
E-mail: jxli@des.ecnu.edu.cn
Page: http://faculty.ecnu.edu.cn/lijunxiang/Info_eng.html

Fields of interest:

urban ecology, landscape ecology, urban remote sensing

Recent publications:

Li J., LI C., ZHU F., SONG C., WU J.:
Spatiotemporal pattern of urbanization in Shanghai, China between 1989 and 2005.
Landscape Ecology 2013, DOI: 10.1007/s10980-013-9901-1

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Remote Sensing of Environment 2011, 115: 3249-3263

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Chinese Journal of Ecology 2011, 30: 2590-2596 (in Chinese with English abstract)

Zhu F.-G., Hu H.-W., Shen X.-H., Li J.-X.
SLEUTH model-based prediction of urban growth of Shanghai.
Chinese Journal of Ecology 2011, 30: 2107-2114 (in Chinese with English abstract)

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Relationships between land surface temperature and key landscape elements in urban area.
Chinese Journal of Ecology 2011, 30: 2329-2334 (in Chinese with English abstract)

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Chinese Journal of Ecology 2010, 29: 1919-1924 (in Chinese with English abstract)

Meng X.-L., Li J.-X., Li C., Li R., Shen X.-H., Chen F.-M.:
Land use change of rapidly urbanized small-and medium-sized coastal cities in China: Taking Cixi City of Zhejiang Province as an example.
Chinese Journal of Ecology 2010, 29: 1799-1805 (in Chinese with English abstract)

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Li J.-X., Wang Y.-J., Song Y.-C.:
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