João Paulo Vilas-Boas

Full Professor
Faculty of Sport and Porto Biomechanics Laboratory
University of Porto

Fields of interest

General and sports biomechanics

Biophysics of human movement

Swimming science


Recent publications

Fernandes, R.J., Figueiredo, P., Vilas-Boas, J.P.
About the use and conclusions extracted from a single tube snorkel used for respiratory data acquisition during swimming.
J Physiol Sci DOI 10.1007/s12576-012-0249-0 (2013)

Figueiredo, P., Sanders, R., Gorski, T., Vilas-Boas, J.P., Fernandes, R.J.
Kinematic and Electromyographic Changes During 200 m Front Crawl at Race Pace.
Int J Sports Med, 34(1), 49, (2013)

Marques-Aleixo I., Querido A., Figueiredo P., Vilas-Boas J.P., Corredeira R., Daly D., Fernandes R.J.
Intracyclic Velocity Variation and Arm Coordination Assessment in Swimmers With Down Syndrome.
Adapt Phys Activ Q., 30(1), 70, (2013)

Gomes, B.B., Mourão, L., Massart, A., Figueiredo, P., Vilas-Boas, J.P., Santos, A.M.C., Fernandes, R.J.
Gross efficiency and energy expenditure in kayak ergometer exercise.
Int J Sports Med, 33, 654, (2012).

Silva, A., Figeiredo, P., Soares, S., Seifert, L., Vilas-Boas, J.P., Fernandes, R.J.
Front crawl technical characterization of 11- to 13-year- old swimmers.
Pediatric Exercise Sci, 24, 409, (2012)

de Jesus, K., de Jesus, K., Figueiredo, P., Gonçalves, P., Vilas-Boas, J.P., Fernandes, R.J.
Effects of fatigue on kinematical parameters during submaximal and maximal 100-m butterfly bouts.
J Applied Biomechanics, 28, 599, 2012.

Marinho, D.A., Mantha, V.R., Vilas-Boas, J.P., Ramos, R.J., Machado, L., Rouboa, A.I., Silva, A.J.
Effect of wearing a swimsuit on hydrodynamic drag of swimmer.
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, 55(6), 851, (2012).

Castro, M.P., Abreu, S.A., Sousa, H., Machado, L., Santos, R., Vilas-Boas, J.P.
Ground reaction forces and plantar pressure distribution during occasional loaded gait.
Applied Ergonomics, 44, 503, (2012)